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February 2017 update (8 February 2017)

Welcome to the new school year in 2017! We are still selling our music resources in Australia and New Zealand, but this year we've added some new resource material to help you introduce your students to music. Check out our new YouTube video channel, which has some great introductions to rhythm, pitch, and music notation. And you can still fill out our form to get a free lesson on rhythm; we know your students will enjoy it!

Remember, as always, you can send us an order by email, or you can order directly online using a secure credit card payment system. And our resources can be purchased photocopyable. We wish you all the best for the new academic year.

January 2013 update (23 January 2013)

Welcome to the new 2013 school year! Our music resource continues to sell well in Australia and New Zealand and we've enjoyed the feedback from our new customers. As a result of feedback, we've added a form so that you can get a free lesson sent to you on rhythm; we know your students will enjoy it!

Remember you can send us an order by email, FAX, or you can order directly online using a secure credit card payment system. And our resources can be purchased photocopyable. We wish you all the best for the new academic year.

October 2012 update (25 October 2012)

The 2012 school year is almost at an end, and our thoughts are turning to preparation for the 2013 year. We've made some more changes to the Muscepts website. First, we've provided previews of all our products online using the Issuu web publishing service. Second, we've changed the licensing of our resources so that they are photocopyable within your school. Third, we're providing the option for purchasing the resources in Adobe PDF format, for use in electronic devices. Finally, we're now providing the option of ordering online and paying by credit card. Together, we believe that these changes will make the Music Magic resources accessible to all teachers.

January 2012 update (22 January 2012)

Welcome to the new 2012 school year! As a result of your feedback, we have made some changes to the Muscepts website. First, we've added samples of selected pages from both the Teachers Manual and Student Workbook. Second, we've added a FAX number so that you can more easily send your orders. Finally, we have changed our policy and are now able to provide evaluation copies; if you would like to take up this option, please visit the web page for each book.

November 2011 update (23 November 2011)

As we approach the new 2012 school year, it has become clear to us that the computer has become an essential component of the learning environment. Frances has been researching to find the very best available web resources to complement and reinforce each lesson of the Music Magic programme. We're very excited with these resources, and how they can enhance student motivation, and so we've included a comprehensive set of resources into the Supplementary Material that is provided with the Class sets.

Rivetting research (27 January 2011)

Does a music education make you smarter? Some research would appear to suggest that this is the case. But is this true, or is it a statistical quirk? Our research has uncovered the truth about the link between music training and general educational achievement. Read more...

November update (23 November 2010)

We have had a few problems with our email system recently. Some of your emails may not have reached us. We believe we have fixed the problem and we're looking forward to hearing from you. If you find any other problems, please let us know.

We're still here ! (14 October 2010)

The last month or so has been rocky for Muscepts in Christchurch since the 4 September magnitude 7.1 earthquake, but we'd just like you to know that we're still here, and still going strong. To celebrate, we've put some free resources on the web site that we thought both teachers and students would find useful. Check them out!

CD-ROM upgrade. (15 July 2010)

The Music Magic CD-ROM, which is part of the Music Magic Teacher's Manual, has been upgraded. This upgrade has been prompted by feedback that has emphasised the importance of this resource in capturing the student's attention. The CD-ROM gives the teacher a starting point for the lesson, and the interactive nature of the Microsoft Power Point presentation reinforces the progressive learning process.

Music Magic books trialed. (1 July 2010)

The Music Magic programme has been trialed in the classroom.

Read what Grant Bartley, a music teacher at Cashmere High School, Christchurch, has to say about Music Magic:

"Music Magic has proved to be an excellent addition to my year 9 music programme.

Music Magic provides a good foundation upon which to build the theoretical and practical knowledge of music students. For high school it is especially suitable for lower ability classes and students with a limited music background, as the clear and concise presentation of the material ensures that these students retain this essential knowledge.

I would highly recommend any primary school, intermediate and junior high school teachers to use Music Magic as part of their classroom music programme".