Music Magic Class Set

The Music Magic Class Set consists of the Teacher's Manual with CD-ROM, 28-pages of Supplementary Material, and an appropriate number of Student Workbooks for each class. There is a minimum of 20 Student Workbooks required for a class set.

The Supplementary Material is provided with the purchase of the Music Magic Class Set, and consists of additional photocopyable worksheets. The Supplementary Material is closely linked to the New Zealand Arts Curriculum, the New South Wales Syllabus, and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. It also provides assessment information, as well as recommended web resources to complement each lesson of the Music Magic programme.

Music Magic class set

How to buy the Music Magic Class Set

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  • You can buy the printed version of the Music Magic Class Set with its accompanying CD-ROM of electronic material to enhance teaching delivery, Student workbooks (minimum of 20), and Supplementary Lesson Material (copyable assessments).

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  • You can also purchase the Music Magic Class Set directly from BookendS, a specialist supplier of books to schools throughout New Zealand. Just search for "Music Magic". For a direct link to our resources at BookendS, click here.

  • If you are a school or library, you can purchase the Music Magic Class Set on account. For details, see the pricing and terms of sale information for Australia or New Zealand below.

Pricing, Terms and Conditions

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