Teacher's Manual

The Music Magic Teacher's Manual provides an introduction to secondary school music and develops music literacy and the basic practical skills to enable a student to further explore music, performance and composition.

The nine lesson course builds the student's awareness of music by focusing on the fundamental music elements of rhythm and pitch. Students learn to read, write, and apply basic music notation.

Emphasis is placed on developing a student's aural skills and understanding, to illuminate the relationship between music notation and musical sound. This approach is designed to foster a holistic appreciation of music, while at the same time teaching solid foundation skills.

A notable feature of this 50-page Teacher's Manual is the careful attention paid to the visual layout and ease-of-use for the teacher. Eye-catching colour and pictorial information add to the appeal.

Curriculum based

The nine-lesson course is soundly based on a study of the New Zealand Arts Curriculum, the New South Wales Syllabus, and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. There is an emphasis on "developing practical knowledge". Music Magic is designed to provide foundation skills for the student entering secondary school who has little or no background in music, although the material may well prove useful for younger students as well.

Accompanying CD-ROM provided

A CD-ROM of additional teaching material is provided with the Music Magic Teachers Manual. This contains essential teaching material that is referenced in the text.

The CD-ROM contains a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that compliments the lessons in the manual.

This resource has been designed in a fun, funky, and colourful manner, to appeal to the students, and to give focus to the lesson.


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